React Conf 2022

ReactJS & JS conference september 22, 2022. Tehran, Iran.

Welcome to the Largest FrontEnd Conference in the Iran #ReactConf. 15+ Speakers and workshops. 1200+ Attendees. One full day of knowledge sharing and community with people who Develop and LOVE React.

📅 31 Shahrivar 1401⏰ 08:00 AM Until 08:00 PM📍 Holy Defense Museum Hall

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Pedram Marandi

What is GraphQL and how to implement a scalable GraphQL project with React & Apollo?

full-stack Javascript web developer and a full-time Software Engineering student.developer at, and we make enterprise Javascript applications with React, powered by lovely GraphQL, Apollo and Prisma.

Ana Lava

An Introduction to Real-Time programming in Javascript

having +4 years of experience in backend development utilizing various technologies and concepts such as Nodejs, mongodb, Elasticsearch, Microservices Architecture, Docker and etc.

Sajjad Beiraghdar

React Native Architecture

How React Native works, What issues it has and how they will be addressed in the React Native new architecture.

Jeremy Webster

How Not to Be Innovative

The talk will be about where Innovation in technology comes from, based on my own research and experience, and how your choice of technologies in a project can stop innovation

Amir abbas abdolali

Everything You Need To Know About SVG

why SVG is such an important part of building websites. From why SVG is useful and how to get your hands on it all the way to implementing it as a system and fancy stuff like animating it.

Mojtaba Esparipour

React 16 Overview

An overview on how React works and what features are added to it in version 16.x

Milad Heydari

Hiring issues in Front-End Community

Developers looking for good companies and companies looking for good developers. We have issues regarding this matter, milad wants to go deep and talk about encounter between knowledge and companies.

Mohammad Hasan Gilak

React Server-Side Rendering

render on the server rather than in the browser. talk about Cons of Rendering React on the Server, Architecture, Performance and challenges.

Ehsan Mohammadi

Why are we using React.js in our project?

Advanced Efficiency, Reusability of React Components,Performance,Modularity and the market job, ... and everything is Javascript.

Hamed Esmaili

How Diffing Algorithm Works In React

Manipulating the DOM‌ is an intensive operation in the browser world, react uses VDOM concept to do that with its own diffing algorithm to improve performance which we aim to go through it to understand what is under the hood.

Samaneh Mohammadi

Styled-Component Architecture

how to make Dynamic interactive user interface based on components and how to use it for building complex interfaces.

Mohamad Jahani


Hooks are the new/hot feature of React 16.8. The talk is going to cover everything you need to know about Hooks and provide some answers to the questions like "What are Hooks?", "Why we should use them?", and "How to use them?"

Mohammad Hossein Malek

PWA in React!

he have more than six years of hands-on experience efficiently developing websites and Web-Applications using Modern Javascript frameworks like React and VueJs. he had the opportunity to be a part of many cool and innovative teams and companies. For now, we just want to talk about how we can develop a great PWA. starts with a simple introduction to PWA and how it is and what issues you might have on this journey and etc.

Ahmad Karimpour

A Cup of React-Native

Understanding the communication between JS & Native, Error Tracking, Codepush, VirtualizedList...

Ehsan Hosseini


What do you do if you need an enterprise Front-end application? How to develop each part of the application completely in an independent team with their structure, libraries, and framework as a separate application? And how these applications will communicate with each other? These questions will be answered by Micro-Frontend concept.

Tahere Gholami

State management with React Context API

Tahere has been developing Frontend applications for 6+ years including more than two years on React/Redux.React Context API is a powerful feature, you might consider using it when your React Application grows in size and depth from a component perspective.

Negar Jamalifard

How to deal with CORS error in Webpack?

Does CORS error haunts you in every project? Are you tired of asking backend team to handle it? This talk is going to give you all the power to handle this error in development.

Special Talk

Technical Talk.

Talking about FrontEnd Projects & Career.


Holy Defense Museum Hall

Sarv St. Haqani Highway, Vanak.Tehran, Iran

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