ReactJS & JS
July 30, 2020.
Tehran, Iran.

#ReactConf The biggest Javascript & ReactJS conference in Iran is being hosted by Hastnama Creative Solutions for all those who're in love with coding and passionate about Js and React.There are a lot of great talks, human beings, activities, and of course food.


We’re looking for enthusiastic speakers!


Speaker recruitment call at REACTCONF

Terms of Proposal Submission at the REACTCONF Conference The REACTCONF conference was based on introducing new talented people who are not very well known but are very intelligent and knowledgeable. Based on this fact if you think you have User Interface Development (Front-End) or Repository Development experience; whether you have a problem or have solved a challenge in your company or product which can be helpful for other people, the REACTCONF conference is the best opportunity to provide you the experience. Also, the REACTCONF secretariat is waiting for you with open arms to join the energetic speakers of this course. In order to have this opportunity, you just need to send us a brief presentation of the main meaning of your speech in Farsi or English through the Google form service or even Gmail it. Our reviewers rate the articles based on the quality of the topic, the level of empirical experience, and of course your post-talk skills afterward we select the best proposals for the conference day. The topics can include all aspects of Data Structure Development, Algorithm, React, Styling, your product development experience, HR, how to conduct a contract and so on. We are waiting for you until the end of May.


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Partners & Friends

‌Siamak Mokhtari
Tehran React Group

Milad Heydari

Founder of Reactconf. Tech-Lead & Co-Founder Hastnama Creative Solutions

Pourya Sharifi

Reactconf Project Manager & CEO & Co-Founder Hastnama Creative Solutions

Majid Zamani


Ali Hariri

Marketing & Idea Development

Behrouz Omran

Strategist Director

Siamak Mokhtari

Designer & Developer

Mehri Daie

Web Designer

Samaneh Rabiee

Graphic Designer


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The REACTCONF is a conference for anyone who has years of development experience or wants to start programming; with the presence of Iranian expert’s software developers, Iranian companies or startups seeking employment and promotions. REACTCONF is Suitable for entrepreneurs and organizations that seek to recruit expert developers or even students of programming for their facilities. After many years of experience in conference organizing, more than 4000 people are attending the conference and following it, this environment could be a great chance for learning, building a professional career network besides gaining a huge amount of experience. If you want to find a new job, many software companies are looking for talented people like you or if you want to meet and chat with people who have a lot of digital product development experience REACTCONF could make it happen. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the REACTCONF, just contact us via email.